Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Indian Sweet Confectionary Review

Sometimes, if Auntie Jan is passing, she picks us up from work when she knows we are helping Sandra the Resources Lady with a rush job of photocopying, and if we are very lucky she asks if we would like to stop off at the Indian sweet shop.
Picture 071
When this happens we NEVER EVER say no, because Indian sweets are our favourite international confectionary of choice.
Indian Sweets 2
We are not 100% sure of all the different names, but we like all the different kinds of Burfi they have best as it’s very milky, sweet and rich and very different.
Indian Sweets 3
We are also very, very partial to Galab Jumun, especially Nigel, who would eat the whole box if he could.
 Picture 060
It’s a real nom nom fest.  We would like to make them last a little longer ….. but as Darrell always says “They would only go stale …..”
Picture 059
For our box of Indian Delights we award 12 Noms out of 10!


Mr.D said...

And I thought you were sweet enough already. I do miss a good curry, rather than the sweets.

Anj said...

they are very colourful too - I wonder do they count towards your five a day?

marc said...

they look fab big love marc

Mr.D said...

Is 12 noms out of 10 a record?