Monday, 27 June 2011

Hoodwinked By A Cunning Jape

You know the rhyme “See a penny, pick it up and all day long you'll have good luck” – well yesterday I was caught out good and proper!
Picture 017
I saw this 2p glistening in the rain on the pavement, outside a house, on my walk up to the post office …..
Picture 015
Well, I couldn’t resist and thought good fortune must be smiling down upon me ….
Picture 014
But, when I bent down to pick it up, thinking about all the luck it might bring me,  I found that it had been glued to the pavement!  Hoodwinked.  I bet there is a CCTV camera attached to the house zoomed into the spot and the people who live there play it back at the end of the day for their own amusement to see all the people, like my own good self, who have also fallen for their cunning jape, with the intention of sending the best ones to You’ve been Framed!


Mr.D said...

Next time you pass, take a hammer and chisel or a jackhammer if you have one lying about. That'll fettle 'em! They're probably Brummies or Baggies.

marc said...

LOL Mr D you read my mind a cruel and cunning trick to play on poor passers bye big love marc

Jen said...

I got one up on someone who did that with a 50p. Outside a local hairdressers next to the library. It was there for ages and after some heavy rain I managed to chip away at it and walked off with it in my pocket!!

Mrs A. said...

Bet they won't be expecting to see a monkey on their CCTV footage though!! Hugs Mrs A.