Wednesday, 22 June 2011

A Day Out In Bridgnorth

What with all the excitment over my chance meeting with Matt, star of The Restaurant Inspector and Darrell's birthday yesterday I have omitted to tell you about the rest of my morning in Bridgnorth on Saturday .....
Picture 134
I’d gone to “source locally produced fruit and vegetables” (that’s what they say on these Restaurant/Hotel  Inspector and Three in a Bed type programmes) for our meals in the coming  week, but I found all the lovely old buildings a little distracting, like the Town Hall ….
Picture 143 Picture 125
…. and the Tea Rooms……
Picture 145 Picture 128
….. and ancient hostelries and winding, romantic, steep pathways leading to mysterious places.
Picture 135
….. as well as abundant market stalls ….Picture 140
….. and bakeries ….
Sourcing local products
Darrell was most impressed when I got home, “We shall feast greatly this week,” he said “Two huge freshly baked bloomers, several punnets of the most succulent strawberries, fresh from the fields of Shropshire and a humungous box of bashed giant mushrooms …. manna from Heaven” he sighed.
Picture 164
I had to explain that the giant mushrooms (which I intend to stuff), were not bashed when I bought them, the box was a trifle cumbersome and on my journey back to the car I buckled under their weight and dropped them, thus damaging a few.
 Picture 138
What a brilliant morning!
Picture 137


Mr.D, investigative journalist said...

I like Bridgnorth and its environs.
Do you work for the Bridgnorth & District Tourist Association?
Do you have shares in Bamber's Restaurant?
Your public has a right to know!

marc said...

i will have to visit there it looks fab big love marc

Monkey said...

Mr D I am merely an enthusiastic tourist wishing to share a good day out!

Anj said...

No where near me sadly, but Bridgenorth looks lovely for a day out x