Saturday, 18 June 2011

A Night Out With The Girls

The ladies who work in the offices at the girls school offered to take me with them on a “Girls Night Out” last night and who was I to refuse…..?
Picture 008
They promised me a slap up meal and an evening of Amateur Dramatics, knowing that I like my "scran" and have leanings of a thespian persuasion.
Picture 127
I have to say that the transport arrangements were a little dubious and made me a little nervous wondering what I had let myself in for!
Picture 128
However, once we got to the restaurant I began to relax a  little, especially once I got a coke down me
Picture 129
The menu was very inviting and I chose Arbroath Smokie Fishcakes as a starterPicture 133
And a mega rarebit burger for my mains
Picture 135
Unfortunately we didn’t have time for any pudding as the curtain was about to go up on the show (Nunsense) and we needed to dash, touts suites, across the road to the village hall.
Picture 145
It was a very funny show about nuns putting on a show.  Granny G would have enjoyed it very much as she is very fond of nuns as she went to a Convent School where they were everywhere.  To be honest I haven’t met or even seen a real life nun and I am not sure if this play really portrayed them as they really are, as there didn’t seem to be a lot of praying being done!


Mr.D said...

Maybe you should take up Am Dram. You have the face and variety of expressions to be a leading man.
I don't know if your voice matches the smouldering good looks.

Mrs A. said...

Monkey would love to have a bigger brother to share his life with.
Mrsa A. & Monkey.