Saturday, 11 June 2011

Take That Progress Live 2011 – Manchester - Where Do I Start?

Take That Progress Tour c
Auntie Jan taking me to see Take That as an early birthday surprise just has to be the best birthday present EVER!  Another big surprise was that Uncle Andrew managed to get a ticket at the last minute too and came with us – and what happened to him was stupendous …..!
Pick n Mix sweeties
Travelling to Manchester isn’t really that far but we made sure we set out with plenty of time to spare to avoid the Friday night traffic.  Auntie Jan, being Auntie Jan and always thinking of everything, had sorted me out a big bag of pick n’ mix, of which the chocolate toffees were my sweetie of choice for the journey (I had to scrabble right to the bottom of the bag to find them, nom, nom, nom).
Manchester City Football Club
My first glimpse of Manchester City Football Club gave me palpitations …it was huge, and my chills were multiplying!
manchester City Football Club 1
We had plenty of time to look around …..
Buying a programme Take That Manchester Progress Tour 2011
…… to get a programme ….
Take That progress Tour a
…. to soak up the atmosphere ….. and have a wee,
Take That progress Tour h
…. But,  what we all really wanted to do was find our spot in the stadium. ……!!!

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Mr.D said...

You saw where the people after whom your fish are named have played football too. I hope they didn't lose there.
You must have been excited at this point.