Saturday, 11 June 2011

Take That Progress Live 2011 Manchester

Take That Progress Tour 2011 a
Our timing for getting into the stadium couldn’t have been better and we went to stake our plot, knowing that once in position, that was it … we wouldn’t be able to go for a wee or anything else, once in situ!
Take That Progress Tour manchester qTake That progress Tour w 
We did it and were still able to inch our way forwards very slowly and tactically as the performance time approached and I enjoyed a little celebrity attention myself, as a lot of people wanted to take my photo, how exciting!
Take That Progress Tour r Take That Progress Tour y
We were very tightly packed/snug so I made sure I stayed close to Auntie Jan as I had promised Monkey.
Picture 126
Then the music started and the lights went on and the screaming started …… it was tooooooooo wonderful! 
We were so close …. I couldn’t believe it …. and the most wonderful thing happened when Robbie came on…
Robbie Williams Progress Tour manchester 10.06.11 Robbie Progress Tour
……………. he got onto a platform contraption thing and came right over where we were standing and he touched Uncle Andrew’s hand, how utterly, utterly wonderful, (….and we put it all down to us all wearing my holey stones, they really do do magical things when we wear them) …. Auntie Jan lifted me as high as she could but Robbie’s arms weren’t that long!
Robbie Williams Progress Tour
Oh my life …. I wish I could find the words to describe how I felt at this stage! Can you believe how close we got?

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Mr.D said...

You got really close to watch Robbie dancing. He dances just like me - not! I am the world's worst dancer.