Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Confectionary Review – White Rabbit Chinese Sweets

We pride ourselves on our adventurous tastes of a confectionary type nature and are always looking for something new to try.
White Rabbit Creamy Candy
So when we were in the continental section of Tesco and saw these White Rabbit sweets curiosity got the better of us.
 Picture 080
We liked the packet very much but the only hint as to what they might be like were the words “creamy candy”, from this Darrell surmised, correctly, that they may belong to the chewy genre of sweet.
Picture 078
They were indeed white, milky and chewy, but had a very strange edible rice paper wrap around them which we were all unanimous in finding very odd, it dissolved quickly on the tongue but to be honest spoilt our enjoyment of the confectionary and we intend to do some research on the interweb to see if the paper has any significance, that we may have missed.
White Rabbit Chinese Confectionary
So though we liked the creamy, milky chew the rice paper spoilt the overall enjoyment so we feel we can only award White Rabbit sweets 4 noms out of 10 each! – Hmmmmmm ….. interesting!


Mr.D the scientist said...

Watch out - you may be eating kitchen work surfaces. They were contaminated with melamine, according to the link to Wikipedia. Melamine is used to make formica.
Formica is Latin for ant. Formic acid is found in the ant stings. They used to grind up and distil the ants to get the acid.
Here endeth today's lesson.

Monkey said...

Thank you Mr D for ruining our day!

Mr.D said...

Just trying to look after you and educate you a little, that's all. Sorry about ruining your day however.

marc said...

MR D it good to see your back on top and giving us our daily dose of free education i like the word formica it sounds posh in a 70s sort off way i can hear my mum saying as if it was yesterday have you seen our lovely kitchen its real orange formica dont you know when her from next door would pop in to borrow a cup of sugar lol
we had lots o flying ants out yesterday the birds love it