Tuesday, 28 June 2011

I’ve Been Done …… Via The Magic of Biometrics!

Having a light morning snack or mid-day meal will never be the same again when I go into school to help Sandra the Resources Lady with a rush job of  photocopying as  I now belong to the cashless catering society.
Picture 081
I was a little nervous as I approached the table to be biometrically registered, there were computers and instruments of a technical nature everywhere, all laid out flashing and beeping ….
…… but it was quick, quite painless and no blood was involved, all they needed were my fingerprints. I asked and was assured that my details would not be sold or be used for nefarious purposes on the internet.
Picture 080
To make sure, I insisted on looking at the screen and seeing what mysteries my fingerprints had given up.
Anyway, what all this simply means is that once I have put some money into my account, when I go to the cafeteria for a bite to eat, all I have to do is press a button with my finger of choice,  I should then be instantly recognised, my account debited and hopefully my hunger satisfied.
Pile of peas
So while I was in the vicinity and the kitchen was open  I decided to check out the new menu to make sure all this technology was worth it.  They appeared to have sufficient peas for my needs ….
Cafe latte
….. and I was impressed that there was a good choice of coffees, cafe latte being my favourite.
Chocolate cookies
….. and cookies galore……
Just one cornetto
…… plus a freezer full of Rockets and Cornettos for when I get hot and sticky….
Angel Cake
So all in all it seems an OK sort of set up, however I am a bit concerned that my muffin consumption may cause the machines to beep wildly if I overly indulge!


Mrs A. said...

I can see you needing copious amounts of money in your account!
hugs Mrs A.

marc said...

wow its like a SiFi film your so tecno wear gloves some one just might cut your finger off so they can use your credit or they may make false fingeprints buy lifting your fingerprint of a glass or the top of a sticky bun and making a copy out of wax i would stick to cash or a good old packed lunch big love marc

Mr.D said...

Will they be checking up on what you eat? Is Big Brother watching you? There is plenty to go wrong with this technology. Do they sell peas individually or by the kilo? The world needs to know.

marc said...

MR D your number 3 i am sure theres a poam there some were lol i missed you big love marc