Monday, 13 June 2011

Us ……Captured for Prosperity

After Carnival Day look at us …!  Our friend Marc (who lives with Hugh in Notting Hill and dreams of a showbiz life) did it for us ….. it’s brilliant! Every time we look at it we see another little detail … look at Nigel in his cute hat, and we all love the bows round our necks, they give us the whiff of a dandy. We really can’t stop looking at it!
Marc used CraftArtist by Serif to do it …… look it’s even got little gingerbread men on it ….. THANK YOU Marc, we love it!


Mr.D the impressed said...

Wow! This is superb. Well done Marc. I am most impressed - and so quick too. The day after the carnival.
The word "carnival" is from the latin carne vale - goodbye too meat. i.e. Shrove Tuesday and no meat during Lent. Here endeth todays lesson.

Monkey said...

"Goodbye To Meat" - wasn't that a Carpenters Song?

However we have made a note for next Shrove Tuesday if we are still blogging!

Mr.D said...

I'm sure you know the song is "Goodbye to love!" I'm sure lots of us hope you will still be blogging next Lent.

P.S. Blog is such a silly word.

marc said...

MR D you are wise beyound words and in my case that very few as i cant spell lol it is the first thing i have done with the serif programe but its very easy to use I forgot to put monkeys crown on
i will tell peps i am a carnival now as i said goodbye to meat when i was 8 big carnival love marc