Friday, 10 June 2011

Darrell, It Might Be The Greatest Day/Night Of Your Life …. But Stay Close To Auntie Jan …

Darrell was so excited last night, I don’t think he could have got much sleep. 
Picture 056
He laid out the clothes he planned to wear on his bed and asked if he could borrow my faux leather jacket ….
Picture 053 
. …. but I had a little surprise for him …. a Take That t-shirt.
Picture 063 
His little face …. as he held it in front of himself, then it was vests akimbo as he tried it on for real.
Take That Tshirt
He sat waiting for Auntie Jan at the bottom of the stairs from 7.30am this morning … even though he knew she wasn’t due to collect him ‘till 10.00am!  I told him to have a wonderful time BUT the stadium in Manchester would be huge and very, very crowded, packed with people just as excited as he was, so he MUST stay close to Auntie Jan and NOT wander off ………………….
Today this could be, the greatest day of your life
Before it all ends, before you run out of time
Stay close to Auntie Jan, Stay close to Auntie Jan
Watch the world come alive tonight
Stay close to Auntie Jan.
The Greatest Day Take That
Tonight this could be the greatest night of your life
Let's make a new start, The future is yours to find
Can you see it, can you see it in my eyes
Can you feel it now, can you hold it in your arms tonight
Hold on Hold on, Hold on Hold on (Tonight)
Hold On Hold on. Be Safe Tonight!


Mr.D said...

Wow. It's going to be a very long day. I hope you get some sleep on the way up.
Are you going to try some crowd surfing?

marc said...

Crowd surfing would be fun but little chap like Darrell could be swept away by the wave have fun fun fun and i love the song and your outfit is so on trend and way cool big show biz wave Hugh

Anj said...

Oh my word... I'm getting very giddy for you - can't wait to see the pics - x x x

Jen said...

Have a wonderful time Darrell. Don't get lost. Love the top btw,, very trendy x

Mr.D at 7.25pm Friday said...

What's going on? 1.25am Saturday morning UK time and still no comment posted?
The nation waits with bated breath.

Marie said...

I saw Darrell at the Take That concert!! It was almost as good as seeing the boys themselves!!