Friday, 17 June 2011

Oh Darrell!!!!!!

Just Play by Avon
I thought Darrell was smelling a little fragrant of late …..
Just Play Avon
“Just Play”, what is he like?
Picture 092
I may not hear him coming sometimes, but I can certainly get a whiff of him at 100 paces!


Mr.D said...

“Just Play”, what a name for a "fragrance for men" or whatever they are called. I use an underarm deodorant and that's my lot, apart from soap of course.

marc said...

Mr D not even a bit of old spice or a splash of brute i wear hi- karate myself its the smell of a man a round town well china town and you smell like a prawn cracker but you can chop your own wood with your bear hands lol big love marc

Debbie said...

Has Darrell got himself a lady friend that he's trying to impress.
Hugs Debbie x

Jen said...

Oh dear Monkey does he smell like a naughty lady's boudoir?? I'm with Debbie.. i think he's got a ladyee in mind.

Anj said...

oooh Darrell - fancy yourself as a bit of a laydees man....? now if you were to book a waxing.....we would be worried!!