Thursday, 9 June 2011

Sad News Of A Heartbreaking Nature To Impart.

Banga Bus
I’m sorry if I am not my usual ebullient self today, but yesterday I had some news of a very sad nature……
Banga Bus 1
Darrell and I had thought that we hadn’t seen George, our Banga bus driver of choice for a while and so yesterday morning, when I went into town I plucked up courage to ask where he had gone …. and was told he had left! My stomach dropped like a lead balloon and my heart felt as if it had been torn from my chest ……I couldn’t believe it.  He just went, he never told anyone, we never had a chance to say goodbye ………………….
Banga Bus 2
I know in time we will get used to the new driver and the way he slams on his brakes as he nears a stop, but it’ll never be the same.  When I told Darrell he went very quiet and then disappeared to his room for a while.  Sadness weighs very heavy in our hearts today.
Banga Bus 3
….. I hope it wasn’t the new ticket machine that made George decide to leave ….. I don’t suppose we’ll ever know.  I’ll leave you now, while I try to gather my composure. Sometimes fate deals us a sad hand.


Mr.D said...

George seemed to be the nicest and best bus driver in the whole of England.
Maybe George will check up this blog and things will improve.

Monkey said...

George WAS the nicest bus driver in the World, if it was raining and he saw me walking up Duck Lane (real name, not making it up) he would stop for me and take me to the top of the road without charging.

Anj said...

aww - sounds like the new driver has a lot to live up to...!

Mr.D said...

I do hope George wasn't sacked for not charging people fares and giving them a free ride.

marc said...

A sad day may be you could write to the bus company and ask them to forward a letter to him telling him of your blog ,your sadness will pass with time an you will think of the good times you had on the bus big hug marc

marc said...

you need to take some bits of card with your name and blog site on to give out as you might be asked who you are and what your doing so its best to have something to hand out that way you could get some more fans and who knows just may be one of the boys might get to see you stacy did big love marc