Thursday, 16 June 2011

Total Eclipse of The Moon

Last night Darrell and I were hoping to experience total totality, Nigel wanted to experience it too, but it was scheduled way past his bedtime and to be honest trying to explain what was happening in words of one syllabub and through the medium of mime would have been more trouble than it was worth.
Picture 073
It was Auntie Jan who text to say that there was going to be a lunar eclipse.   She said “The earth will cast it’s shadow over the moon and the indirect sunlight will illuminate it, thus giving the impression that the moon had turned red. ”. It sounded very romantic, magical and spine tingly……. and too good to miss.
Picture 074
So we sat in the garden, with a flask, a torch and Darrell’s posh binoculars and chatted about this and that while we waited for the sunset. Unfortunately it became cloudy and in the end we couldn’t see the moon, but the sky turned red to which Darrell said  “Red sky at night Angel Delight “…… so we can look forward to a nice tea tomorrow (nom, nom, nom)
Picture 080
It was a bit disappointing ……….
Picture 081
But Darrell embraced the moment of us just sitting in the garden together, in the dark …. and made monster faces with his torch ………
Picture 082
Which made us both laugh till the tears were running down our faces and Darrell couldn’t breath!
Picture 086
And to be honest you couldn’t have had a more magical evening than that …. us laughing in the garden, not Darrell being unable to breathe!
Picture 084
….. And if Derek Acorah is reading this and looking at our pictures …. it’s not an orb between Darrell and me …. it’s our torch!


Mr.D said...

Shame about the clouds. At least you had fun.

Anj said...

you two are soooo funny, glad you had a giggle x

Mrs A. said...

Wish we could have come and joined in. Hugds Mrs A. & Monkey.