Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Fletcher, Hunt, Doyle and Elokobi!

We’ve got fish in our pond! …..  And  we’ve named them all after our favourite Wolves players! (we only need another eight and we’ll be able to have the whole team plus Sir Mick McCarthy). We are so excited!
An Affinity with fish Eyes like saucers
Darrell was beside himself when he got to the garden centre,  his eyes were like huge saucers as he went from pool to pool trying to make his final selection. He was told that he could choose four and he took the responsibility very seriously.
Rick Stein How to choose good fish
It was no mean task  as fish are renowned for not keeping very still and naturally time was of the essence, as Darrell didn’t want the fish to be out of the water for longer than necessary.…………
Fish with Wolves Names
But he did a stirling job and each of our four new fish have lovely faces, which was his prime objective.
George Elokobi
When we got the fish home we let the bag containing the fish rest in the water so they could adjust to the temperature.
Picture 064
….. and when it was time to release them we were very quiet so as not to frighten them and give them a gentle introduction to their new home.
 Picture 068
It was all very, very magical and we both filled up a little.
Picture 078
Welcome to our home Fletcher, Hunt, Doyle and Elokobi, we hope you will be very happy with us in a piscatorial type way.


marc said...

WOW FISH FACES HOW COOL and i am glad to see that You have a net over The pond to keep the ducks out an also for the safty of small over excited monkeys like Nigel who could fall in if left alone i think one of you should go on a life guard course i am sure aunty jan will know were you can go to sighn up for it , water safty is a must and soon it will be school summer holidays and you are bound to have lot of friends who will want to see your fishfaces /sharks ect in a safe waterpark bay watch sort of waybig love marc

Mr.D said...

I agree with Marc about the net. We don't want the fish to be eaten.
Did you pick male and female fish so they could do the thing of the birds and the bees?
Careful with the names - some of the Wolves players could get sold. A Newcastle fan got a tattoo of Andy Cole's face the day before he was sold.

Monkey said .... said...

Can't believe that Marc has managed to get a comment in before Mr D!!! Woooo Hooo Marc

A Life Guard course ia an excellent, particularly with NIgel and Marcel when he comes to play .... I feel this is a job for Darrell, I can see him doing his David Hasselhoff poses now, but I will have to get him some new red shorts!

Anj said...

Fletcher, Hunt, Doyle and Elokobi could not have found a better pond to live in - i am sure you will take excellent care of them!! x

Jen said...

How cute. Been trying to browse back on your blog. how long have you two been looking after Nigel?

Mr.D said...

Marc - you must have had a late night to post before me. Remember, it is 6pm in Mexico when the new blog is posted so I don't need a late night to post early.

marc said...

sleep an i are not good friends at the mo the sand man just chucks mud in my eye so some times i tune in to see if you have posted Mr D and if so i know its a new day and life is good big love marc