Friday, 3 June 2011

Pond Life

Picture 001
We heard a commotion in the garden yesterday and rushed to the window to see what was going on …..
looking out of the window
We couldn’t believe our eyes …
ducks in our garden 2
We saw a pair of ducks looking at our pond!
Ducks in garden pond
Then one of them got in and had a swim, we were so excited, but decided to stay where we were, even though Nigel was desperate to stroke them, because we didn’t want to frighten them off.
Ducks in or pond
When they both got in Nigel was almost apoplectic and we had to tell him to quieten down a bit.  They stayed for about half an hour and we felt very blessed in an Alan Titchmarsh type way that our new pond was the pond of choice for passing ducks and also a little relieved that we hadn’t put any fish in it yet!


Mr.D said...

Very good me duck - as some people from the Midlands say.
When I saw the title "Pond Life" I thought it was about Wolverhampton youth! Only joking.
You will have to feed them with bread or Bombay duck - which is a lizardfish.

Monkey said...

Mr D, you are the font of all knowledge, which constantly amazes both Darrell and I, though you are a little too highbrow for Nigel, most of what you say goes way over his head and he often says your quakers!!!

Bombay Duck has a far better ring to it than Lizard Fish .... which if live and not dried, might be an unusual addition to the pond????

And since you have eaten EVERYTHING, including guinea pigs, gerbils and hamsters, what does Bombay Duck taste like?

marc said...

you will have to make sure they dont come back and eat your fish when you put them in i have five ponds but i have never had duck on any of them but i do have lots of fish in them and other wild life of a insect nature , o and frogs and toads that the dogs dont like to lick but they still do it when given the chance big love marc,

Mr.D said...

I'm afraid I have never eaten Bombay duck, me duck.