Sunday, 26 June 2011

Pizza Hut Happy Hour ….

A pizza hut, a pizza hut, Kentucky fried chicken and a pizza hut,  …… guess where Darrell has been?
Piizza Hut Happy Hour
The ladies what lunch asked Darrell if he would like to join them in an Apres Birthday Pizza Hut Happy Hour of a treat type nature.  I think they have a soft spot for him and they very much appreciate the company of a man who likes his food ……..
Piizza Hut Happy Hour
….. and as Darrell said, it would have been churlish to refuse such a tempting offer … so he said yes ….
Picture 158
….. and first helped himself to the bar of unlimited salad …
Pizza Hut Unlimited Salad 1
…… thus ensuring that he got his five a day (several times over me thinks!)
Pizza Hut pepperoni
…… and then plumped for the pepperoni pizza, Italian style, nom, nom, nom
Huge pepper grinder
Darrell could not fail to be impressed by the size of waiters huge grinder, but had to ask for some assistance to use it.
Pizza Hut cheesecake
And as for a pudding?  It was very hard to choose,  so rather than upset the aforementioned waiter, with the huge grinder, with his indecision Darrell chose both types of cheesecake!  Nom, nom, nom …..
I think Darrell is becoming quite the raconteur, he certainly kept the ladies enthralled with tales of his Rome trip and the amusing incidents that happen when he is helping Sandra, the Reprographics Lady at school to get a rush job of  photocopying done.  What is he like?


marc said...

it all looks good and i bet those ladies love him and the waiter with the huge grinder must have been a bit envious of our darrell being such a ladies man big love marc

Mr.D said...

Sounds rude. I assume the huge grinder satisfied all of the ladies. Ooh err missus.
Mmmm pizza!
Darrell the raconteur will be in demand for after dinner speeches next.
P.S. A late night Marc? I hope it was good.