Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Take That Darrell ………!

Auntie Jan and I have been colluding in great secrecy over Darrell’s birthday present, given that Stacey Solomon is not touring at the moment, we decided to see if they were releasing any extra Take That tickets …..
Take That Progress Live 2011
Auntie Jan had a spooky sort of Derek Acorah feeling one night last week and acting upon this said feeling she went on a (reputable) ticket site, which let her in and purchase two tickets, one for her and one for Darrell!  How brilliant is that?
Take That Progress Live 3
We didn’t want to say anything until the tickets had arrived and were actually in our hands. When they did arrive we had a long debate as to when to tell Darrell that he was getting his birthday present from all of us early.
Take That Progress Live 5 Take That Progress Live 6
We also had to take in to consideration Darrell’s levels of excitement and our nerves and blood pressure …..
Take That Progress Live 4
But in the end we decided that part of the excitement of a birthday present were the days building up to it, all the looking forward and  the anticipation, so we gave him the tickets last night …..
Take That Progress Live Take That Progress Live 1 
He cried!  Not a howling or a weeping and wailing sort of cry, just a silent cry with a drippy nose, accompanied by a lot of sniffing.
Picture 019 Picture 018
He stroked the tickets and thanked us all profusely, especially Auntie Jan…
Picture 021
………He held himself together very well, before saying that he was a little overwhelmed and was going to retire to his bed a little earlier than usual, then hummed  “The Greatest Day”, as he climbed the stairs.  However, they say still waters run deep…………….. so heaven help us on Saturday………
Picture 176


Mr.D said...

I think they started the tour in the Stadium of Light. Darrell is one lucky chap. Will Auntie Jan be throwing her unmentionables onto the stage - a la Barry Manilow or Tom Jones?
Aunty or Auntie? Mmm.
You keep on mentioning this Derek Acorah bloke - it is completely lost on me.

Helena said...

OOoooo Derek Acorah....spooky man who contacts the dead from centuries past and delivers their voices ... but only if they also speak with his Liverpudlian accent ;)

Mrs G said...

See, Mr D if you hadn't buzzed off to Mexico you would be au fait with Mr Acorah ..... no doubt, if we were still working together I would have regaled you with the time I went to see the aforementioned Mr Acorah at the Grand Theatre ...... and how I regret to this day not queuing in the foyer after the show to meet him, and tell him of my own spooky moments and get my copy of his book signed!

marc said...

What will you wear Darrell your leather jacket and black and silver t shirt or you could get crafty mum to run you up a t shirt with the original take that fan logo on cant wait to see whatyour outfit will be (if crafty mum has coloured electricl tape or some thing of a similar nature she could even write take that on the back of your jacket and would look good for a night and after it can be removed with out any harm to it she must have some stick on rhine stones ect you need to go ott for a TT concert i am sure if you ask in a pleading no 1 fan sort of way she will help just say it is my birthday lots of times and keep saying just how talented she is at doing such magical things that what i say to marc and it seems to work for me big show biz wave Hugh

Chris G said...

I am so jealous Darrell....

Anj said...

Oh my word....... you will have the most amazing time, I went on Friday & am still flying high - woo hoo!!

Jen said...

I'm so jealous.. will you say hello to Jason for me?xxxx

Mr.D said...

I suspected Derek Acorah was in a soap opera! Thanks for putting me right Mrs.G.