Monday, 6 June 2011

Looking For Ideas for Darrell’s Birthday

Stacey Solomon's Autobiography
Darrell’s birthday is coming up soon on 21st June, he is quite easy to find presents for but I was wondering whether to get him Stacey Solomon’s autobiography.
Stacey Solomon's Autobiography Asda
I think I will leave it a little while as I have entered a couple of competitions to win a signed copy…. so I'll keep my fingers and toes firmly crossed! 
I also have another idea in the pipeline (totally unStacey related)  which, if I can pull it off will probably render Darrell totally speechless and probably apoplectic for quite some time ..... but shhhhhh, I don't want to jinx it!


Mr.D said...

Have you contacted Stacey's dad? I wonder what the other surprise is. Curiouser and curioser.

Monkey said...

You'll have to have a little patience Mr D!!!!!!!!!!!!!

marc said...

mr D thats what Alice sid and look were it got her lol ,i will have to get Marc to take me out to get a bathday gift of a sparkly nature big show biz wave Hugh

Helena said...

I hope you get the signed copy!!!

Jen said...

I saw a Paul Frank Julius the Monkey tshirt in Darrell type size in a charity shop today - thought of him