Saturday, 11 June 2011

Take That Progress Live 2011 - Manchester

Take That 10.06.11 progress Tour
Just a little bit more and I promise I will be finished …. then I am going back to bed for a bit of a nap as I am quite tired.
Picture 125 Picture 124
But first, can I say huge “Thank You” for Auntie Jan for taking me and manoeuvring us into such a brilliant position and everyone who clubbed together to buy my ticket, I am emotional, overwhelmed and truly blessed in an incomparable type way.
Take That Progress Tour 2011 mancherster
And only wish I could do it all again …..and the dream didn’t have to end!


Jen said...

wow what a fab video. Get some rest and hope you had a lovely time!!

Jen said...

Darrell remind me to tell you about when we took our little simian chum to see Eddie Izzard at Wembley with 50, 000 peeps and Eddie mentioned him sorta.. He was wearing camoflage pants and a green rugby shirt and Eddie (who loves monkeys and mentions them a lot in his acts) said monkeys in green.. He could see us waving him about !! I will try to find and send you a pic of Max somehow

marc said...

looks like you had a fab time and i new peps would want a photo of you big show biz wave Hugh

Mr.D said...

Auntie Jan is a star too.
You are lucky having such a great relative!