Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Cadbury Dairy Milk - Come On Team GB

cadbury Olympic Postcard
Auntie Jan found us this special ‘Cadbury Dairy Milk Come on Team GB’ pack saying it was a gift that would just keep giving, especially in our little mits …….
Cadbury postcards 2012
Not only did the pack contain a mahoooosive block of Dairy Milk chocolate,  there was also  a postcard on which to send a message of support to Team GB ….. which naturally we embraced …..
Cadbury Postcards.
……. not only by adding our own pictures, so that Team GB can “see”  just three of the faces of the millions of people who will be cheering them on, for every step of their Olympic "’journey” (and thus making it much more personal)  but by also adding a few of our sage pieces of advice …..
Postcards 2012 Cadbury
……. such as “….. remembering their 5 a day, getting to bed early, thanking their mum and dad for their support  and to embrace every single moment!”
Cadbury Postcards  team GB
If our card is good enough we might win a clap banner (whatever that is), which would be very exciting and an honour to receive.

Cadbury Postcard 2102..
After all our robust activity and intensive thought provoking thought, we felt very pleased with ourselves, ….. and Auntie Jan’s gift indeed kept on giving ……
Cadbury Dairy Milk Come on team GB
……… in the solid form of several wholesome chunks of chocolaty loveliness as a toast to all of Team GB, especially the synchronised swimmers, who are our Olympic team/sport of choice.
For more information check out http://www.cadburypostcards2012.co.uk/ but you will need a promo code from your chocolate to enter.


Mr.D said...

"Sage pieces of advice." I hope you explained to Nigel that this is not related to the stuffing you might find in a chicken. I don't think you should be sending Paxo to the team.

marc said...

Well done boys we need to get behind team GB your great fans think you need to write to cadburys and let them know just how many things of theirs you show may be they would send you new things to try you should ask to be a taster big love Marc

Anonymous said...

I think Marc has a good point. Cadbury's should be aware of how ardently you embrace and promote their products. You are actually Cadbury Ambassadors and they should take note. Love synchronised swimming. Originally saw Esther Williams movies when I was growing up and now watch them when they are on Turner Classic Moviea. I know she wanted to have that event included in the Olypmics. Exciting times ahead and Auntie Jan and Vinnie are going to be in the thick of it.....Happy chocolate chunk enjoyment.....Dianne

Mr.D said...

I haven't thought about Esther Williams in years. Now we are showing our age.
Good point Marc - get yourselves down Bourneville and see what you can do. I'm sure you will charm the pants off them, the way Nigel had the pants charmed off him.

Bee and Dee said...

Yum yum great bit of supporting we are supporting the cyclists road and track. hugs bee

Anonymous said...

Hi, Mr.D, thank goodness for Turner Classic Movies! I can watch all the movies of the 40's and 50's I saw growing up.... great musicals, film noir, and even all those wonderful movies from Ealing.

Mr.D said...

I have TCM in Abu Dhabi and also had it in Mexico - I love the film noir, the Ealing comedies and also the odd musical as well.