Wednesday, 25 April 2012

All The Fun Of The Fair At Dawlish Warren

Amusements Dawlish Warren
It didn’t take Darrell long to hit the 2p machines at the beach amusements….. he had been robustly saving all his 2p’s in his piggy bank as soon as we started collecting Sun £9.50 holiday tokens especially with his first slot machine “fix” of 2012 in mind!  What is he like?
Fortunately, Darrell’s secret vice pleasure hasn’t rubbed off on Nigel who is more interested in all the rides……
…… though at first he wasn’t too sure about the carousel, adventurous as Nigel is, when you are that small those horses look rather big …
Carosell Dawlish Warren
…… but Darrell showed him the way …….
Fairground ride dawlish Warren
….. and then it was only the lure of the candy floss that could get him off …… and the promise of hearing what “the Mouth of Truth” had to tell him ………
The mouth of truth
…… Darrell pretended to put in a coin and then put on a creepy yet wise type voice …… saying “Wooo hooo hooo  Nigel …. wooooooo …. my powerful physic senses tell me that you are feeling wearisome from all your fairground activity, me thinks tis time for your bedddddddddddddd and slumber!!”
….. and Nigel swallowed went along with it ….. such was the power of the Voice of Truth!
The Mouth of Truth might also have added that the 2p pot that Darrell had secreted about his person as a souvenir was actually stealing ……and thus very, very, wrong and we shall be posting it back upon their return!


Mr.D said...

The 2p pot is huge compared with Darrell. One wonders where on his person it was secreted.
Naughty Darrell and such a bad role model for Nigel in this instance.

marc said...

Mr D i think Darrell should get to keep the 2p as he did come up with the goods he did not just take the 2p he offered words of wisdom and advise in return for such payment as he felt fair to give for 2p and its saved every one having to try and put a hyperactive sugar feed Nigel to bed so in fact i think Darrell is owed baby siting money lol big devils advocate love Marc

Anonymous said...

Wonderful old carousels; not many of the beautiful old ones left in the US. Perhaps next time Darrell can flash his dimples at the attendant and politely ask for a coin cup for a souvenir. Who could refuse him? Clever thinking by Darrell with the Mouth of Truth. Looks like a great fun day for all!...Dianne