Saturday, 28 April 2012

Darrell Helps Nigel To Learn Stuff …..

beach Huts at Dawlish Warren
Darrell, as promised, phones me after tea each evening to tell me what he and Nigel have been getting up to during there they’re their Sun £9.50 holiday in Dawlish Warren …. and it seems that the beach huts are helping Nigel to learn his colours …….
dawlish Warren beach Huts
….. Darrell runs up and down and then stops outside a hut and Nigel has to guess what colour it is, the game is also providing Darrell with a robust exercise regime to counter act all the candy floss and ice cream!
Teignbridge beach Huts
Anyway, Nigel now knows his reds and yellows, but still has problems with his blues and greens.
Outside Geralds Dawlish Warren
Darrell has also tried to use this poster to explain the correct use of   “their”, “there” and “they’re” to Nigel, but thus far he has only drawn  a quizzical blank expression ……. small steps! Nigel was more interested in the three man dingy, as he calls them!


marc said...

great game but i am with Nigel when it comes to those words i get lots of them mixed up i did not see any thing wrong with them their signs till you said they where wrong big love Marc

Anonymous said...

Was it three men in a dinghy who went there?? If they have gone there, where is there?? Questions for the ages! Gerald certainly gets your attention with his signs! Looks like Nigel is learning lots of stuff and Darrell is getting fit....Happy Seaside Fun Wishes...Dianne

Mr.D said...

Well done Darrell, teaching young Nogel. Nigel is making great progress. Darrell will have to write a school report for him.

Mandy McK said...

Glad Nigel is learning his colours. It's important in life. Well done Darrell.