Saturday, 7 April 2012

My Easter Contingency Plan ……. A Pre Easter Afternoon Of Robust Craft Activity

easter chick
With Darrell’s and my plans for Easter “sort of sorted” in a fingers crossed type nature,  I still felt it best to have a contingency plan (as aforementioned above), just in case things go egg shaped and the Easter Bunny doesn't call. Nigel has been looking at the seasonal cuddly toys in the window of the village gift shop expectantly, but (tongue in cheek), I have told him that, due financial constraints the Easter Bunny may have to be a little parsimonious with his pennies……!!!!
…… and perhaps a small 10p chick would be a more realistic expectation, and bless him, typical of Nigel’s “life’s cup is always overflowing” nature,  he was still as excited ….. However, I have hatched an Easter plan to cover all eventualities …. having popped into Poundland to purchase a little something in the week ………Poundland Hand puppet kit
…. and taking advantage of Darrell and Nigel going to the swimming baths yesterday, I sprang into Eastertide action for an afternoon of secretive craft activity!Poundland Hand Puppet Kit.
The packet contained enough materials to make two puppets, a chick and a rabbit (Darrell and Nigel will have to decide between themselves who has what).
I tackled the chick first, and considering that sewing isn’t exactly my forte I was quite pleased with the results.
hand Puppet kit poundland
….. Then mindful that time was getting tight, and Darrell and Nigel would soon be home, I tackled the rabbit with some haste …..Hand puppet Kit
…… but again, I surprised myself (modestly) with what was a half way decent job……..
Poundland Easter Puppet Kit
…… even though there seemed to be quite a few bits left over!
Poundland. Hand Puppet Kit
To celebrate my surprising success dabbling in the arts of the needlecrafter I made a cup of coffee (in my Mick McCarthy mug, God bless him) and admired my handiwork ….. before hiding everything away ……


Mr.D said...

Do Darrell and Nigel take long to dry out after a swim?
You have done a great job with the puppets.
That Mad Mick Mac mug (alliteration) will be a collectors item soon.

Monkey said...

The Mad Mick Mug is indeed a collectors item already Mr D as it was "commissioned" by Tom The Scientist for Andy, and features a rather touching picture of one of wolves players seeking solice in Micks warm embrace after a match.

Monkey said...

..... and thus is the only one in existance!

Anonymous said...

Darrell and Nigel are sure to love them and be so happy with this Easter treasure surprise. Very nicely done needlecrafting! Careful with the 3M's mug since knowledgeable Mr D says it will be a collector's item....Happy Easter preparations....