Monday, 23 April 2012

Dawlish Warren Bound

As I was on call for any emergency rush photocopying at school during the Easter holidays, it was decided that Darrell and Nigel should go on our first Sun £9.50 holiday of 2012 and head robustly in the direction of Dawlish Warren…..
Bucket and spade holiday
….. and one of the first things to be packed was Nigel’s bucket from Dianne …
Bucket and Spades akimbo
There was NO way he was leaving it behind.
Back seat map readers
I made sure that they were belted and safe in the back of the car, where Andy had put Darrell in charge of navigation …….!!!
As I waved them off I imagined the mayhem adventures that lay ahead of them (and the peace, calm and tranquillity that lay ahead of me…..!) and hoped that Nigel’s travel sickness wouldn’t present too many problems of a frequent stopping type nature on their journey!


Mr.D said...

To head robustly or to go boldly? No split infinitives here, unlike Star Trek.
Is this the posh BMW hire car you won a while back? In Soweto, South Africa, I was told BMW stands for Be My Wife or maybe Break My Windows.
I hope you find lots of holey stones.

marc said...

its good you have the bucket in case of emergancy sickness it will be very handy big love marc

Anonymous said...

You made our day showing Nigel and his monkey bucket! We thought it would be just the thing for the seaside! Darrell's looking very much in charge and seems to have mastered navigation just fine....Hoping everyone has a lovely time ...Dianne