Sunday, 15 April 2012

Tom And Laura’s New House

A Trip To Witney – Part 2
House in Witney
As we said yesterday, we were most keen to check out Tom and Laura’s guestroom be among the first visitors to Tom and Laura’s new house, to check out the guestroom.
Our room, (we believe to be the guestroom) when we visit is very snug and homely  …. the beds are very comfy and well sprung …..
….. and there is an ample supply of reading matter and games to keep us amused when we’re not visiting such tourist attractions as Crocodiles of The World
solar system tiles
In the bathroom Tom and Laura have the most wondrous tiles depicting the “solar system” which we are totes enamoured with, and think that perhaps they are the sort of tiles that Derek Acorah might also favour in his main bathroom or en-suite.  They are most romantic!
The garden has several robust and attractive walls giving us excellent vistas of the house, surroundings, washing line …….
Garden in Witney 1
……… and Nigel playing…..
We very much liked, in the front garden, what we have now christened “Tom and Laura’s Magical Singing Ringing Tree”, someone, a long time ago, we think, put a little pretend bird on one of it's branches …… its a bit shabby and weathered ……
…… but we like to think that he will always be sitting there, watching down the road,  hastening us to return…….
xxxx Happy New House Tom the Scientist and The Lovely Laura xxxx


Mr.D said...

It looks a like a very green area.
I hope the singing ringing tree isn't scary or sinister.
Congratulations to TTS and LL.

Anonymous said...

Lovely new home for Tom and Laura and certainly a most comfortable guest room for some very lucky guests. Aren't stone walls perfect in a garden?! A Magical Singing Ringing Tree, how wonderful is that?! Congratulations to all...Dianne

marc said...

it all looks and sounds like a magical house that will be filled with love and joy big love marc