Thursday, 12 April 2012

Parsimonious Spending At The Easter Monday Fair …..

Build Your own Watermill kit
On one of the stalls at the Easter Monday Fair Darrell and Nigel both spotted  this wonderful miniature building kit.  It had never been opened and immediately they decided to club together the required 25p to purchase it. It contains real tiny bricks, slates, windows, cement and tiny weeny, Nigel sized tools, in fact everything to make a  watermill, how totes brill is that?
Bricks and Mortar
However I fear a mess akimbo situation ……….
Miniature Brick set
…… and fear the worst as Darrell has been romantically musing about  how this could be the first step towards him starting and starring in project for Grand Designs ….

What is he like??
Brick set Build your own watermill
With slates this size, I think he has a mahoooosive way to go, so Kevin McCloud may have a long wait on his hands!


marc said...

i love those kits they make you feel like a butch builder on your own building site but in a more PC no wolf whistle shout at the ladies way lol i can see Nigel will have to pull his trousers up other wise it will be B B for all the world to see and may be they will need hard hats big love Marc

Mr.D said...

Totes, akimbo and mahoooosive all in one blog. Is this a record? Shame there weren't any noms.

Anonymous said...

What luck!! Totes brill seems like an understatement for that wonderful building kit..genuine construction possibilities there! Hard hats,well packed lunch boxes to sustain physical labor, coffee/snack breaks; the real deal for new career directions that add to one's life experiences. Sending good luck watermill building wishes....Dianne

Mr.D said...

Does "lunch box" have the same rude alternative meaning in Florida that it does in England? If so, the term "well packed lunch boxes" is something that makes me snigger. If not, it still makes me smirk.

Di said...

Oooer Mr D - you are awful! Swings handbag like Dick Emery and minces off :) Di xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr D, No, I don't think the US a lunch box means literally a box in which to carry your lunch. School children here carry their lunches in one too. The old metal school lunch boxes are now highly collectable and big bucks are paid for them by those wanting to relive their school days. You got me there,Mr D! I will have to be careful in the future. Pretty certain I got the drift of it all...Dianne

Anonymous said...

Whoops! should proof read and preview...collectible....Dianne

Mr.D said...

No need for a "whoops." Both collectable and collectible are correct in the UK.