Monday, 30 April 2012

Dinosaurs Roaming Torquay?

Nigel couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw this dinosaur outside Dinosaur World in Torquay, it was like all his Jurassic dreams come true!
Clash of the Titans
It was also a very opportune opportunity for Darrell to take some completely natural shots for our scrapbook and possibly a calendar for next year.
Torquays Dinosaur World And Nigel duly obliged by running through the whole gamut of his best facial expressions ……
Dinosaur World Torquay
…. nonchalant ….
Dinosaur Wolrd Torquay.
Torquay Dinosaur World
….. stolid….
Dinosuar World in Torquay
…. devil may care …
Dinosaur and Chips Torquay
With all possible poses exhausted Darrell and Nigel called it a day on their Britain's Next Top Model type photo session, which is when Nigel spied this poster outside the chip shop …..
Dinosaur and chips
…. And though both curious and slightly tempted …. Darrell and Nigel decided that on this occasion dining on Dinosaur and Chips was almost  tantamount to cannibalism …… what are they like?


marc said...

those look scary big love marc

Mr.D said...

Nigel takes photo directions very well. I am most impressed that he could pose correctly when asked to do nonchalant and stolid. Dorothy Parker said that someone runs the gamut of emotions from A to B. Nigel exceeds this.
Sign him up with an agency as he will earn a fortune.

Anonymous said...

Truly wonderful pictures; Nigel's enthusiasm is certain to make anyone smile! And of course, Darrell is always the perfect model. Dinosaur and chips? Not for me; but probably tastes like chicken!...Best fun time wishes..Dianne