Sunday, 22 April 2012

Tight Lines?

We are very fortunate as the grounds of the school where we work doing rush photocopying and laminating are very beautiful and Darrell and Nigel are oft to be found there wandering and musing during their breaks now the weather is improving …..
Wolverhampton Girls High
Recently I have heard them discussing the possibility of there being any fish in the lake pond…
Thoughts of Fishing …… and if there are, whether Andy would lend them a couple of his rods and reels for a bit of rod dangling after work ….
Wolverhampton Girls high ducks
But there are defiantly a couple of ducks living there (with a tennis ball, probably from a rogue and robust shot from the tennis courts) ….
Feeding the ducks
….. so Nigel is planning on saving the crusts from his sandwiches and taking them down to feed the aforementioned ducks next time he is on photocopying duty.


marc said...

i wounder if there are any frogs the ducks will love your crusts big love marc

Mr.D said...

Very pleasant.
Are absolutely all photocopying jobs rush ones? Isn't there anyone who hands it in, not needing it for a week or two?

Mr.D said...

Marc - you wrote your comment at 4.54am. Was this a very late night or had you got up very early?
My first post today is given as 7.08am but this is actually 10.08am in Abu Dhabi where Sunday is a work day.

Helen said...

Mr D .... no one ever hands there photocopying in on time ..... that's teachers for you!!!

Anonymous said...

AAhh springtime, and a young man's fancy turns to rod and reel and fish ajumpin' in the pond, lake, or stream! Looks like a lovely place to sit quietly with rod and reel.. Little Nigel is always thinking ahead; it will be great fun feeding the ducks.... Loving wishes for a happy fishing experience..Dianne