Wednesday, 4 April 2012

A Very Auto-Susceptible Mind!

When Nigel adopts a purposeful manner and a glazed look in his eyes, from past experience, I know it is time to worry …. robustly!
Wolverhampton garden
I could hear him humming “We’re going on a bear hunt...... ” as he scurried out of the back door and into the garden, and as soon as I noticed that he was carrying one of the  BEAR Yo Yo packets left over from our review a couple of days ago ….. I knew immediatley what he was up to ……. and had to take a very large mahoooosive sharp intake of breath …. fearing what was about to unfold …..
I saw him carefully lay the packet down on the grass and stare at it intently and then look equally intently around the garden ….
Garden Leaves
Then, he let out an excited squeak, ran over to an abundant bush and picked of its leaves …… before running back to the Yo Yo packet to, what looked like, compare and contrast the leaf on the bears nether regions to his aforementioned plucked foliage …..
BEAR Yo Yos.
I knew it ……… heaven help me ……suddenly it was pants akimbo …..
BEAR and their “natural”  product packaging have a lot to answer for ……… !!


Di said...

Snorts of laughter here! Now gotta creep into bed and try not to giggle, thereby waking up himself :) Hilarious - what is Nigel like?! :) Di xx

Anonymous said...

Oh my, this is a cheeky situation....Nigel will have to face some realities with his new fashion choice. Will he be allowed on the Banga bus sans pants? The possibility of slivers from a wooden bench attacking his sensitive areas.. Not to mention sitting on a rough stone bench or cold metal chair...Hopefully this is a fad and his normal pants of choice will be reinstated before goose bumps akimbo appear.....Dianne

Mr.D said...

Is that the closest to a fig leaf in the Black Country? It ai the wust as they say in your parts, but not in Nigel's parts. What a package - I refer to the Bear Yo Yo packet and nothing else.
If a fig leaf was good enough for Adam, Eve and the Italian masters, it should be good enough for Nigel.

marc said...

i think Bear will be well pleased he emailed me to say he had seen your blog every one should email Bear and let him know what Nigel is up to it could help make our Nigel famous big love Hugh