Thursday, 26 April 2012

Come Dine With Me at Chalet No.109

Chalet at Hazelwood
Darrell’s and Nigel’s chalet is OK but it has to be said, not as nice as others we have stayed in on past Sun £9.50 holidays, however on the other hand the grounds certainly make up any disappointment in the chalet decor …..
Dawlish Warren Hazelwood
…. as directly in front of the chalet is a lake with fishing allowed and geese, lots of them!
And so when Darrell and Nigel come in from their days out they both like to sit on the chalet step and wait for the geese to waddle over to them …..Approaching Ducks
….. much to Nigel’s great excitement.
Dawlish Warren Ducks
…. And it is due of this aforementioned excitement that toast has not been on the chalet breakfast menu all week …..
Hungry Ducks in Dawlish Warren
….. because as fast as Darrell has purchased their Warburtons seeded batch, Nigel has fed it to the geese …..
Outside chalet at Hazelwood Holiday park
…. so hot buttered toast and marmite have been replaced by Rice Krispies or Bran Flakes (both of which were rejected by the geese) …. but Darrell mused that seeing Nigel’s little face light up with his love for all creatures great and small more than makes up for a slightly grumbly tummy in the morning!


marc said...

its good to look after goods little animals and they must love marmitebig love marc

Mr.D said...

I'm not sure who is the most quackers - Nigel, Darell or the ducks.
I hope you don't get lovely weather for the ducks.

Anonymous said...

Very attractive lake for your holiday outdoor viewing and communing with nature spot. Lucky geese to have two of nature's guardians of all creatures great and small visiting and happily sharing their bread! Love the picture of Nigel and Darrell sitting on the step....Much Love..Dianne