Sunday, 1 April 2012

Mangoes And Marmite Innocent Smoothie–Does Life Get Any better Than This?


Today, just gets betterer and betterer ….. our Eurovision news was just about enough to cope with, but now we have heard that innocent have produced a mangoes and marmite smoothie and we are in Seventh Heaven, as Marmite is our savoury spread of choice!

Mangoes and Marmite Smooth innocent

At first we thought that it might be an April Fool, but as our friends Hugh and Marc (who live the showbiz life in Notting Hill) told us and we trust them implicitly, we knew it wasn’t a cruel hoax, and when we checked the innocent website it’s all there …… Mangoes and Marmite Smoothie!


Our next step was to telephone Auntie Jan urgently demanding telling asking her politely to scour the shops robustly and to purchase the entire stock of the aforementioned smoothie in the first shop she came to that had it , even if it meant dipping into our Sun £9.50 holiday fund!

Marmite and Mongoes smoothie

Darrell went straight on line again to leave his comments on the innocent site to express our joy at the news …..


This has to be best day of our lives (so far ……) and they say good things always come in threes ….. so perhaps tomorrow we will get a letter from the Queen to say we have secured tickets in the ballot for the Jubilee Concert!! Who knows??!!


Bee and Dee said...

I am one of those that hates marmite with a passion, so please feel free to have all my marmite, hope you get your tickets. Hugs Bee

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm, are you certain about this Marmite smoothy? Hoping Good Luck number 3 is tickets to the Jubilee Concert...thinking and willing positive thoughts your way for those tickets!....Dianne

Bee and Dee said...

Sadly looking at the website it was an April Fool. If I see any spare mamite will send it. Hugs Bee

marc said...

opps lol as if we would have set you up lol sorry boys it had your name on it as soon as we saw it big love marc and Hugh

Mr.D said...

Good one Marc and Hugh. Hugh must have a trustworthy face.
It looks like a photoshopped bottle to me. Better luck next year.