Sunday, 8 April 2012

He’s Been ……… ! The Most Wondrous Easter Ever

OMG …..The Easter Bunny has been and it’s all just too unbelievable for words.
The Easter Bunny
When Darrell and Nigel woke up, they found that a mahoosive pile of presents had appeared on their beside table and they made such a din and commotion that I rushed in to see what was occurring!
The posh chantenay carrots and Twisted Chocolate Bar had disappeared and in their place were some chocolate bunnies and a note from the Easter Bunny rendering poor Nigel almost apoplectic with excitement.
Totes Overwhelmed
On the back of the note the Easter Bunny explained that he had bumped into our friend Christopher, who was adopted by Dianne and Doug and now lives in Florida, where he has freshly squeezed orange juice on tap, it seems that Christopher had asked him if he would kindly drop off a few Easter gifts for us, if he was passing the UK!!!
Christopher 1
Well, as you can imagine, our flabber had never been soooooo gasted and for a little while we fell into a deep silence lost in our thoughts …….
Easter card
We opened up Christopher’s card first and all welled up  ….
Easter Wishes
….. and just this once, I overlooked Darrell blowing his nose on the duvet cover, such was all our emotion.
Totes Overwhelmed
All the presents were exquisitely wrapped in tissue with lovely frog stickers and ribbon holding them together and as there were no names on we decided to take it in turns to choose one, Nigel going first …..
Easter Bunny pail Bucket
…… he unwrapped the most beautiful bucket covered in monkeys, he was beside himself, especially as we are going off to Dawlish Warren on our first Sun £9.50 holiday of the year in a couple of weeks time. The bucket will go with us, to make sandcastles and to carry any holey stones and other beach treasures we might find ….. what a wonderful present!
Pinwheel Pens
It was mine and Darrell’s turn next and we chose parcels that felt the same ….. inside we found wondrous windmill pens ….. Darrell wound his up and it went round for ages.  These will be so useful when we are back to work, as they will afford us a little cool air while writing the copious notes we have to attach to each pile of rush photocopying and laminating we send out.
It was Nigel’s turn again, and you can see by the look on his face just how overwhelmed he was when he found this shell tortoise in his parcel, a new friend for Brain Brian the Mouse he had at Christmas.  It takes a lot to make Nigel cry, but believe me he sniffed profusely.
And finally Darrell and I each took one of the remaining two parcels …..
…. to reveal, for Darrell a “Poussin Dansant Solaire” and for me an “Insect Dansant Solaire” or en Anglaise - a solar dancing chick and ladybird, how utterly totes fantastic is that?  When you put them in the sun they dance!  How can we ever say THANK YOU to Christopher and his new family for making our Easter so happy and the Easter Bunny for delivering them ……. we never, ever expected this.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!  It was a very emotional morning!

We have made a small vignette of our new toys, you will no doubt notice that Darrell and Nigel are sooooo utterly enchanted by what they were seeing that they were temporarily rendered incapable of any bodily movement whatsoever, bless!
Thank you Christopher, Dianne and Doug, you’ve made our Easter!


Mr.D said...

Wonderful presents - I had to go to YouTube to see them dancing on the video but it worked fine there.
The Easter Bunny must eat a huge amount in one day. Maybe he doesn't eat for the rest of the year.

Anonymous said...

You have made our Easter day very special....We are thrilled to know you liked the gifts and we will enjoy this post over and over...Christopher said we should find gingham gift wrap because Mum especially liked her gingham paper! The Easter Bunny was so helpful and very happy to make our delivery ...we loved the video! Special Easter Blessings to All....Dianne, Christopher, & Doug

marc said...

DI and Christopher rock they sure got that bunny to work they are fab big love marc and Hugh