Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Really Wet Rain For Our Village Easter Fair

Bilbrook Easter Monday fair
Yesterday it rained that really wet rain, and we wondered if the village Easter Fair would still go ahead.Holy Cross easter Fayre.
After some robust debate Darrell decided to chance it, taking an excited Nigel with him as it was only a few yards from our house, and Nigel had already gotten a  heavy waft of the hot dogs and hamburgers they were cooking outside.
Bilbrook easter Monday Fayre
A lot of the stalls had been moved into the church …….
Holy Cross Church Easter fayre
….. which was quite romantic in religious sort of way ….
Inside Holy Cross Church
….. but Darrell felt it best to remind Nigel that it was still a House of God and trying to swing from the, albeit very tempting candelabra type light fittings, was not quite a sin, but very close to one!
Easter Candles in Holy Cross Church
So just in case, they both lit a holy candle and hoped Nigel’s religious faux pas hadn’t been noticed by anyone, but especially God!
Bilbrook Holy Cross
They were both drawn hypnotically to the cake stall where several slices of Lemon Drizzle Cake and Chocolate Tiffin were purchased for our Easter Monday tea…..
Bouncy Castle at holy Cross Church
….. But unfortunately the bouncy castle was out of limits. Poor Nigel, when he saw it was empty he thought that his long ambition of having one all to himself was about to come true, only to have it cruelly snatched away from him as decreed by Health and Safety !
Bilbrook Easter Fayre
Although the road was still closed off, the usually throngs of people milling round bustling tables were sadly missing, the only stall brave enough to stand up to the rigours of the wet rain was …..
Easter Fayre Bilbrook.
The Candy Floss Man ….. and as Darrell so succinctly put it ….
Vanilla Fudge
It would have been rude not to have purchased just a little slab of fudge from him for all his efforts!
Holy Cross Church
Anyway despite the rain, I had an hours peace and quiet and Darrell and Nigel came back home with the aforementioned cakes and fudge, a large cream vase, a seagull brooch, three pretty teaplates a build your own watermill set (of which more later) and a large plastic aquatic plant for Andy’s new fish tank!  So rain certainly did not stop play, and Cliff Richard warbling's were not required!!  Happy Days!


Mr.D said...

Mmm. So normal rain is better than the really wet rain? I prefer the very dry rain myself.
I suspect really wet rain would play havoc with the candy floss.
P.S. For our American friends, candy floss is what you call cotton candy and the Mexican call algodón de azúcar.

Di said...

Really wet rain here too - I stayed home and played in my craft room being as I have a hole in my left welly, else I'd have joined you :) Mind you, what a haul of goodies!!


Anonymous said...

That really wet rain doesn't appear to have dampened your festive Easter spirits! Surely little Nigel made God smile when he eyed those light fittings...So sad Nigel's bouncy castle dream didn't come true. Very thoughtful to purchase that yummy looking little slab of fudge. However it appears LARGE, or is that a depth of field issue? Rain or not, it looks like a wonderful day in your neighborhood..Dianne