Friday, 27 April 2012

A New Addition To Nigel’s Rigorous 5 A Day Regime ….

Before Darrell and Nigel departed for their Sun £9.50 holiday to Dawlish Warren someone ……. without any thought and due consideration informed Nigel that you can eat seaweed!
beach At Dawlish Warren
I just hope that if Nigel becomes mahoosively bunged up or the reverse,  that aforementioned person feels a strong sense of responsibility and guilt …… Edible seaweed
It seems that after robustly consuming ALL les fruites de la mer that the beach at Dawlish Warren has to offer Nigel’s seaweed of edible choice is bladderwrack, which he says in it’s raw state has a very palatable salty fishy flavour ……………. yewwwwie ……no nom nom!!
Max 6 knots.However, Darrell informs me that there have been certain noticeable consequences to this new addition to Nigel’s rigorous 5 a Day regime ….. to put it as delicately as possible …… Nigel has been bottom burping popping off at a phenomenal rate of knots ……
Max 6 knots
Good grief ….. I fear the worst!


Mr.D said...

Someone please explain to Nigel that a plateau de fruits de mer is a plate of cold raw and cooked shellfish. It does not count as part of one's five a day, even though it contains the word fruit.

Anonymous said...

Dear little Nigel seems to be extra vunerable to suggestion and does embrace new ideas with gusto! That is a mahoooosive pile of seaweed and hopefully he didn't try to down it in one try...could have explosive consequences!....Happy beach day Wishes..Dianne