Friday, 20 April 2012

Sooooooooo On Trend!

Kimbo Coffee Hour
We start using a word to juzzzzzz up our vocabulary …… and before you know it ….. the whole worlds using it, all be it with the first letter missing!!!!
Kimbo Coffee Hour .
We are sooooooooooooooooo on trend!!


Mr.D said...

You lead and the world follows?
Kimbo coffee? One could say "I like a Kimbo."

marc said...

we have seen nom nom being used on buses in london by a dog chewing a dog treat and we heard it on the TV the other night by the same said dog Hugh is looking up his agent and going to ask a few discreet questions to see if he reads your blog as its not a word you hear a dog saying every day big love Marc

marc said...

MR D your on the ball again and i will be buying it just for that big love marc

Anonymous said...

Like Mr.D said, you lead and everyone else tries to keep up with you!.....Dianne