Friday, 6 April 2012

Whoever Would Have Thought That Hot Cross Buns Could Be The Cause Of So Much Domestic Disruption?

It’s Good Friday, and as we like to embrace all seasonal activity, Darrell was duly sent out at 6.30 this morning to the village Tesco Express……
010……to purchase our Good Friday hot cross buns …….
Bilbrook Tesco Express
…..which should traditionally be eaten at breakfast time, hot from the oven …..…… following a robust and rousing chorus of “Hot Cross Buns” by ourselves
Tesco Hot Cross Buns
Unfortunately, during our nomtastic Easter repast I decided to educate Darrell and Nigel in some of the superstitions associated with Good Friday, but as often is the case with those two, too much information, in the wrong hands can be a dangerous, or in their case a messy affair!
Hot cross buns baked on Good Friday are supposed to have magical powers. It is said that if you keep one that has been made on Good Friday for at least a year it won’t go mouldy”  ……. so guess who has put a “spare” hot cross bun under his bed to see if it’s true?
Good friday Superstitions
“A hot cross bun baked on Good Friday and left to go hard can be grated up and put in some warm milk to stop an upset tummy” Unfortunately for me, Darrell is not overly keen on taking Milk of Magnesia when his tummy goes awry…… and so another “spare” Hot Cross Bun has now found its way into our First Aid drawer!
Image Hair Studio.
And finally ….“Having your hair cut on Good Friday will prevent toothache for the rest of the year” …… well that’s a no brainer and straight after breakfast Nigel and Darrell were both round at Image Hair Studio, towels swathed round their necks, having a cheeky short back and sides ………Image Hair Studio
…….. with Darrell requesting that Mandy cut carefully round his bunny ears!!!
Me and my big mouth, you’d have thought I’d have learnt by now!
Note for Pragmatic Traditionalists: The rousing chorus of “Hot Cross Buns” before the consumption of said comestibles is our own “made up” tradition and thus cannot be regarded as “traditional” in the full sense of the word, by anyone other than ourselves.


Mr.D said...

I hope Mandy didn't cut Darrell's real or bunny ears. She looks to have done an excellent job. At least she didn't take off too much hair/fur.

Christine said...

I cannot help but laugh every time I see the Darrell's photo with the rabbit ears. It just looks so funny! He's a real tonic.

Anonymous said...

Darrell is the most adorable wannabe bunny ever. He must have made the day for everyone who saw him! Two of those superstitions look rather like scientific/medical experiments; should Tom be called in to advise on proper procedure? Nice to see Nigel reunited with his pants! Is it too corny to sing "Reunited and it feels so good" to him?...Wishing you a peaceful Good Friday....Dianne