Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Building Sandcastles On The Beach At Dawlish Warren And A Little Disappointment

Naturally the first thing Nigel wanted to do as soon as he and Darrell touched terra firma in Dawlish Warren was to go to the beach and use his bucket that Dianne in Florida sent him for Easter to make make his first sandcastles of the year.
Building Sandcastles Dawlish Warren
Nothing fancy ….. Nigel doesn’t really have an artistic bent ……
Sandcastles Dawlish Warren
……. just proper honest sandcastles plonked any which way, and Nigel is a happy boy.
Sand Castles at Dawlish Warren
Darrell had to admit to being a little disappointed in the beach, though the sand displayed excellent properties conducive to the making the aforementioned sandcastles it did not, despite several forays over the week, yield an abundance of holey stones ……
holey Stone Dawlish Warren
…… in fact it yielded only one, which, though a little let down, Darrell mused must make this holey stone extra specially special!


marc said...

great sandcastles but i have heard that mermaids do not like to leave their magical stones were there is a lot of sand they like to take them to stony beaches were they can lay in the breaking waves and flick them high and far in to the air using their tails as bats and then they can hear them fall on to the beach were only those who take the time to find them amoungest so many normal stones will in the end find them well thats what i have heard big magical mermaid love Marc

Mr.D said...

Maybe use a spade to dig for holey stones. You would then have had to take time to find them which, as Marc says, is necessary.
Marc - I have some wonderful images in my mind's eye of mermaids batting the stones a great distance. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Love Marc's mermaid story and think it must be true, or mostly true, or possibly true. Nigel's castle building looks like good solid basic construction and that's the best place to begin as a castle builder! The refinements of towers, turrets, and moats will come later. Loved seeing him with his bucket because we thought of him with it at the seaside when we first saw it! Perhaps this will be Darrell's most valued holey stone....it does look most extra specially special....Hope this is a Happy Day for all...Dianne