Saturday, 7 April 2012

‘Tis The Day Before Easter …….

Darrell and I have never been too sure about Easter protocol, so this year after several robust late night debates over cups of tea and a couple of packets of Hob Nobs we decided that this year we should start our own seasonal traditions, especially with Nigel in mind.003
So Darrell got Nigel to help him decorate a small Easter Egg tree on the bedside table in their bedroom……… along with the lovely Easter Bunny card sent to us by Jan the Fan …. xxxx THANK YOU xxxx Jan the Fan.
Easter Egg tree
It didn’t take long for Nigel was be filled with awe and wonder and though Darrell could sense that he was obviously very excited, he managed to reign in Nigel’s natural effervescence by maintaining a calm aura himself during the proceedings.
Easter bunny Treats
Now …… Darrell and I have heard about the Easter Bunny (we know that he leaves Easter eggs in peoples gardens in the US, but we are not so sure if he in fact travels to UK flying in a magic hutch or something like that)  so the next part of our plan is a mahoooosive leap of faith ….. we have decided to adopt the principles of Christmas and leave out a bowl of especially purchased posh chantenay carrots and a Cadbury Twisted bar for the Bunny, just in case he happens hop, skip and jump past our house on Easter morn' ……. but I also have a contingency plan … if he doesn't, but I have kept that secret from Darrell too ....


Mr.D said...

Maybe a Cadbury's Caramel bar would be good as the Easter Bunny ould think of the Caramel cartoon Bunny with her wonderful voice.
Perhaps a picture of Jessica Rabbit would be nice too.

Anonymous said...

Lovely to see the card as an Eater back drop! JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

ooops.........You could have it as an eater back drop but maybe not so good for the digestion - though might be helpful with your 5 a day! You might need a bit of roughage with all those Easter eggs going akimbo! JantheFan

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful eggs on that elegant tree. Very special to be creating family traditions for Easter. Thoughtful idea leaving treats for the Easter bunny and I'm certain the treats will be appreciated. Lot of work hiding thousands of eggs in the US for Easter egg hunts. I suspect he must call in help for that job!... thinking of you....Loving springtime wishes from Dianne

Anonymous said...

PS....perhaps I was misinformed, but I have heard Hob Nobs contain a special ingredient that stimulates brain cells to work at their max, so great ideas were ensured....Dianne