Tuesday, 17 April 2012

National Take Your Granny To See A School Play Day!

school play.
Yesterday was “National Take Your Granny To See A School Play Day” which Darrell decided to embrace robustly by inviting Granny G to an evening performance of Pride and Prejudice as performed by some of the young ladies at school of a type theatrical persuasion.
I love a school play
Darrell remembered that the seats in the school hall yielded little comfort after an hour or so ……..
School Play
…… and took the precaution of taking cushions for both Granny G and himself thus ensuring that a numb bum situation would not spoil the performance for them in any way.
Pride And Prejudice
Granny G enjoyed it all immensely and said what a wonderful idea National Take Your Granny To See A School Play Day was, and Darrell as per usual came out of it totes totes star stuck…..
And before he would take Granny G home he insisted on going to the girls dressing room and getting them all to sign his and Granny G’s programmes ……
What is he like?


Athyn said...

Darrell you have bits on the back of your head. Love Clint xx

marc said...

glad to see you supporting the arts big SHOW BIZ WAVE HUGH

Di said...

Ha, ha - Clint the eagle eyed spotted them too :) Bottle of Vosene shampoo is in the post! Di xx

Mr.D said...

Was it a coincidence that there was a school play on the very night of National take your granny to a school play day?
The young ladies in the photos all have very strange faces. Is this affliction common in your area? i never saw any like that when I was there.

Mr.D said...

I think Marc and Hugh could give some professional advice to the thespians at the school and make the play even better.

Anonymous said...

Numb bum prevention always essential when facing hard chairs; Granny must have appreciated that thoughtfulness. School plays are always fun!..Dianne