Monday, 16 April 2012

A Strange Monument In Our Midst

We are not sure what this monument thingy is in the school grounds where we work ……..
Hide and seek 3
…… looks like someone has taken the top off an old church and just plonked it down, willy nilly, perhaps as an educational type conversation piece for the girls to discuss as they stroll through the grounds.057
But it’s great for just sitting and musing amidst it’s robust covering of ivy.
Hide and Seek 3 (2)
And, Nigel can even climb inside and play dens when his work schedule will allow him.
Hide and Seek 4
We think it would make an excellent site for Derek Acorah to investigate, to see if it holds any paranormal phenomenon, but if it did, it might put us off from sitting there quite so often…… so perhaps, with hindsight, we’re best to leave any psychic research and ghost hunting well alone!!


Mr.D said...

Maybe you could do some investigating and research. You could act like Sherlock Holmes too.
In the words of Toyah Wilcox .....?

Anonymous said...

Romantic with an air of mystery..could there be an inscription under the ivy? Perfect little hidey hole for Nigel during break time. Might even be his Ivory Tower where he thinks deep thoughts. Ideal quiet place to muse away by the ivy....Happy quiet time..Dianne

marc said...

is it just a folly who can say best investigate ask the headmistress its her school she should know big love marc