Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Thoughtful Purchases From The White Elephant Stall

Despite the inclement weather, Darrell and Nigel had a really good afternoon at the Village Easter Monday Fair,  but it was only after tea when I discovered just how well they had done with the bits and pieces they had bought from the White Elephant stall.
Aquatic Plant
….. Now I daresay most people would have ignored an unopened plastic bag containing some sort of plastic foliage, but bless him, Darrell immediately recognised it as an artificial aquatic plant and quickly snapped it up for 20p knowing that it was something that Andy would perhaps want for his new fish tank ...Andy's new fish tank
……… which we are all robustly excited about! We already have a marine tank, but since the last puffer fish died in the tank in the fireplace Andy has only kept fairy lights in it, but last weekend he started to prepare it for some more fish, by filling it with pipes, water, some lovely blue gravel and something that looked suspiously like luncheon meat which Andy said would “cure” the water, whatever that means.
So he was indeed thrilled with Darrell’s thoughtful and fortuitous find and immediately began preparing it for the tank. Darrell in turn was immensely proud that he had been able to contribute to the new tank  in such a useful way.
It might be a while yet before we can get any fish, but we have heard mention of guppies ….. how very exciting!


Mr.D said...

Blue gravel - looking good.
Did Nigel get all confused and start looking for a real white elephant under the table or round the back of the stall?

marc said...

great find on the plant but MR D are you saying there are no white elephants on white elephant stalls as i am going to a white elephant stall next week to buy one Big show biz wave Hugh

Anonymous said...

Truly a fortuitous bargain coup! The guppies will love swimming around it's leafy branches...Good going, Darrell!....Dianne

Mr.D said...

Hugh, I have never seen a white elephant at a white elephant stall - more's the pity.

Hot off the press (well the BBC website.)

The town of Gbarnga, the capital of Bong County in northern Liberia is pronounced "Banga."
I wonder if George or any other of the bus drivers are aware of this.
"I live in Bong County, in the town of Banga." Sounds amusing.
Mr. D
Banga, Bong sounds like part of the words from a Eurovision Song Contest entry

Di said...

A thought, you do know that guppies aren't greyhound puppies don't you boys? Just in case you're booking puppy training classes! Di xx