Saturday, 21 April 2012

We’ve Got A Nest!

Nesting Birds in old fishing net
Darrell spotted it first ….. he said that he “thought” he had seen a tiny brown bird going in and out of our old fashion fishing basket we have hanging in the back garden …….
Bird Hide.
…. but wasn’t sure…..
Bird Hide
So he made a makeshift bird hide on the porch and sat for several hours  with a flask of tea and …… watching ….
….. and his patience was indeed rewarded and we do indeed have a pair of yet undiagnosed unidentified birds living in our aforementioned fishing basket!  How totes birdtastic of a nesting nature is that?
Naturally, Darrell is now very protective of “his” fledgling family…….
wicker fishing net
….. and has told a very excited Nigel in no uncertain terms that poking is totally unacceptable, but, if he is good, he can be in charge of putting the bird seed out each day…
Nest in old fishing basket
….. a task he has embraced, and now endeavours to tip toe and whisper within the nests vicinity, bless him.
Spring is a very wonderful time, and we are honoured that the birds have come to nest with us. They have chosen a very safe spot to have their babies ….. no nasty cats will ever find them there!


Mr.D said...

What bird could it be?
Albatros? Emu? Condor? Dodo?

Anonymous said...

This has made my day! How wonderful. I love it when the birds take up residence. It's great to watch all the activity, and when they hatch, and are being fed every moment then eventually fly - well it's a truely blessed moment, in a Bill Oddie type of way! Looking forward to more birdie blogging boys!

Pamela said...

We have a blue tit nesting in our bird box. This week she's laid 8 eggs and is now incubating the eggs with the male bird coming to feed her now and then. There's a camera in the box and we can't wait for the eggs to hatch. Put out some bedding for the birds - we've hung bits of wool and hair (mine and the cats LOL!) in a feeder and the bird has used it in her nest. Good luck - hope you get some babies soon!

Anonymous said...

Cozy looking bird hide, and how fortunate the birds are to have you as their guardian! We know you will make certain all is well for the little family. Very special times ahead for all.....Wishing you a beautiful springtime....Dianne

marc said...

its fab to have little birds in your garden we have two wrens and a black bird nesting in our garden in the middle of london i have 3 basset hounds and i put their dog hair out in a net for them but i would not put my own hair out becuase if a bird weavs a nest with your hair it will weave trouble and give you head aches lol well thats what my old nan use to say big bird watching love marc

Mr.D said...

What bird might it be?
Emu? Ostrich? Condor? Dodo?