Tuesday, 31 August 2010

And Our Lucky Winner Is ….. Daphne

Unfortunately we were unable to contact Daphne despite numerous requests on both blogs and after 10 days we drew for the prize again on Thursday 9th September.

Last night, just before the stroke of midnight we held our Prize Giveaway Draw, the tension in our kitchen was palpable.Picture 102
Darrell was blind folded and I was in charge of mixing the entries in our large salad bowl.
Picture 103
Auntie Jan came over to adjudicate, she (and we) thought it would be good experience for her if she is selected as a volunteer for the London Olympics in 2012
Picture 099
When everything was finally ready Darrell made the draw…..
Picture 107
……..with Auntie Jan standing behind him, poised …. with her clipboard and adjudicators pen. The tumble dryer was going at the time and the sound of clothes tumbling was almost like a drum roll……. and added to the atmosphere.
 Picture 110
Jan took the winning name from Darrell’s shaking hand.
Picture 112
Darrell’s duties were done and as his eyes adjusted to the light all we had to do was wait for Auntie Jan to announce the winner.
Picture 114 Picture 115
And the winner is DAPHNE,   well done, we will be in touch a little later today to sort out your prize.
Picture 207
How exciting!
Picture 208

Daphne can you e-mail us on MonkeyandDarrell@hotmail.co.uk please


MoonDoggie said...

Congratulations Daphne!

Anj said...

How Exciting.... x Anj

deborah said...

Congratulations Daphne

Mr. D said...

Well done Daphne. Will it be popcorn time?