Friday, 4 March 2011

Accentuate The Positive, Eliminate The Negative …..

We touched down in Prague at about two o’clock and our next stop was to get fitted with all our skiing paraphernalia.  It took a lot longer than we had anticipated and I was the last one to go into the fitting room.
Fitting for skis
Unfortunately, the gentleman who did the fitting  took one look at me, tutted in a Czech accent and said “We no have the ski, the helmet or the boot in so small size for you, yes?” and then added that I could be a danger on the piste, again due to my size, he said “Maybe, people think you small furry foreign object moving about on snow, it not safe for you to ski my friend, you great peril to skiers, no?” I felt like crying, but decided that although I was now unable to ski, I would in the words of Bing Crosby “Accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative…..” on my Czech Adventure.
 Picture 625
We arrived at our hotel very late, so after our welcoming supper we all went straight to bed. I put on the pyjamas Darrell had put in my case, they smelt like home, and I whispered “Good night Darrell, sleep tight Nigel, don’t let the bed bugs bite”
Sleeping with my snowboard
As I snuggled down beside my snowboard I said my prayers, asking Granny Shelia that if she bumped into St. Bernard, Patron Saint of Skiers in Heaven, she would put in a good word for me and perhaps he could find a way of making me not such a hazard on the piste.


Mr.D said...

What a shame. Maybe you won't be in danger off piste. We did snow shoeing at Xmas in Canada - why don't you give it a try?
Failing that you could have some apres ski, before during and after not ski.

marc said...

I am with Mr D on this one have lots of apres ski and being on the smaller side there will be lots of hills and snow drifts for you to try out your board out on big pos thinking love marc

YorkshireKaren said...

Oh Monkey, what a silly man not finding you some skis, I'm sure he just hasn't bothered to try hard enough. Could one of the girls sit you in their backpack? I know you wouldn't be actually skiing yourself, but you'd feel the thrill of the air rushing through your fur as you speed down the slopes on her back, and that would be nearly as exciting, wouldn't it?
Hope you find some way of joining the fun xx