Thursday, 31 March 2011

Stacey Solomon - Why Darrell’s Gone To Iceland ……(the Shop Not The Country)

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Darrell has announced that though we have a perfectly decent Tesco Express across the road, plus a Spar round the corner, our supermarket of choice is now Iceland ….. because it has just been announced that Stacey Solomon is the New Face of the aforementioned store!
Stacey Solomon Face of Iceland 
How BRILLIANT is that?
Stacey Solomon New Face of Iceland
As soon as he heard the news he said that he wanted to eat everything that Stacey eats from now on. He said ”Whatever she recommends, is going in our shopping basket, even if I don’t like it and it makes me heave!” 
New Face of Iceland Stacey Solomon
So I guess if he sees Stacey in the adverts  whizzing round the aisles, rummaging in the freezers,  and extolling the virtues of thinly sliced liver in a rich onion gravy, a prawn ring  or 6 raspberry ripple screwballs for just £1, then we’ll be off to town on the Banga bus with George at the helm to get a weeks supply of the comestibles! …..
But I am not sure if Darrell will use his special shopping bag that Stacey’s Dad put her picture on and she signed, as he still sleeps with it under his pillow.
I think he would prefer to use an Iceland carrier or freezer bag instead.
Stacey Solomon
Darrell says he can’t wait to see the ads, which start on 15th May, and wonders if we could put them on series link so he that he doesn’t miss any.  What is he like?
He has even found a website that has all the lyrics to the Iceland ads!!! Oh my life, he hasn’t stopped humming since!


Mr. D said...

I think I have only been in Iceland once, many years ago. Do they sell everything a family plus monkeys of various ages need? Is everything frozen? Including the bread? What about the bottled water, assuming you buy such a silly thing - unless Ms.S suggests it, of course.

marc said...

Darrell you should let iceland know that stacy is your no 1 fan and that you are promoting them on Monkeys and yours blog who knows you might get some things to try
big love marc ps i would not use my bag if it was me but i would photocopy it and make a new one to use so peps new i was well in with ms Solomon big showbiz name drop wave Hugh