Thursday, 10 March 2011

Taking My Shopping to the Czech Out of Tesco Express!

I am getting used to my surroundings now and like wander down to the town once a day to czech out what's going on and to have a little mooch round the shops.
 Tesco Express in Czech Republic
…… would you believe it, they’ve got a Tesco Express, how  brilliant is that? And how fortuitous that I have my Tesco Club Card with me, so I can still collect my club points while I am here!
Tesco Express in the Czech Republic 
The bread selection is wonderful, nom nom, nom!
Picture 468
And you know how I love looking at all the different foods on the shelves and the funny names on some of packets. I have found a couple of things that will make Darrell smile, but I will save them for when I get home, and maybe then we will do a Czech confectionary review or two!
Czeching out Tesco Express
Anyway I decided that I would fully embrace the culture and put together a little light mid morning snack to eat on my way back up the steep hill to our hotel.
Picture 495
So I purchased two pastries, nom, nom nom ......
Picture 499
........ and a bag of crisps, I am not sure what flavour they were, but they had the longest name I have ever seen on a bag of crisps.
Tesco Value Crisps
I have decided that the Tesco Express will be my Czech  supermarket of choice during my stay for all my comestibles.
Picture 503
After a little nibble, I think the crisps were cheese and onion flavour but I wouln't swear on Darrell's life!


Mr.D said...

How was the checkout? Did you pay by cheque? When do you check out of the Czech hotel? You should double check the time. Have you played checkers? Have you seen Chequers, the Prime Minister's country residence?

marc said...

M Tescos is a wounder i to have been to one and was amazed at what one can find there Hugh took me there it was an adventure in to the unknown which i enjoyed,did you ask if they deliver you could get your crisps and cake delivered to your penthouse at the hotel big love marc