Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Meanwhile…. Back At Home

Darrell and Nigel celebrate Pancake Day …..
 Pancake Day 2011
Monkey told us not to do anything of a dangerous nature while he is away.  I hivered and hovered as to whether pancake making was a hazardous activity and then decided as it was Nigel’s first Pancake Day, it was worth taking the risk.
Picture 710
It wasn’t the pancake making that was risky, it was the tossing ………it just doesn’t seem to be my forte.
Picture 711
I made an extra small pancake for Nigel, thinking that tossing it would be a doddle …..
 Picture 712
I was wrong!  I hope Monkey never gets to see these pictures!!!  Happy Pancake Day!


Mr.D said...

Mmmm. How many noms did the pancakes get? You can't get Golden Syrup here which means pancakes just aint the same.

Darrell said...

It's lemon juice and sugar all the way here Mr D, the occassional squirt of orange juice.

When Tom the Scientist is at home he has a perchant for pancakes, black cherry pie filling and squirty cream! A special occassion nom, nom, nom!

marc said...

I am with tom And MR D when it comes to pancakes lemon should only be used in long cool drinks of a grown up type you did well the pancakes look yummy and the photos are funny i am sure M will see the funny side i hope you tidy up as well big love marc