Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Writing on Lennon’s Wall

We only had a whistle stop few hours in Prague, there was so much to see, and so little time, but I am determined to return …… and soon.
Picture 378
One of the highlights for me was writing on Lennon’s wall, I had to use a biro, as it was all I had (when I come back next time, I’ll make sure I have a large permanent marker with me).
Writing on Lennons Wall 2011
It may have been a very small gesture …… and it will probably go unnoticed
Writing on Lennons Wall Prague
……. but I know it’s there.  I’ve left a little bit of me in Prague.
Picture 375
I was also taken by the Love Padlocks attached to the railings on a little bridge very close to Lennon’s Wall. The guide told us that it’s a custom where newly married couples scratch their names on a padlock, lock it to the railings and throw away the key to demonstrate their commitment. I bet Darrell would love the idea, especially if he ever gets to plight his troth to Stacey Solomon.
Picture 374
How romantic!


Mr.D said...

A whistle stop tour? Did you hear a whistle and did you stop? What about the tour?
Do they take the padlocks off the chastity belts and put them on the bridge?

Sam said...

Now you are in my teritory - Prague. My favourite place in the whole world. Wishing I was with you to take you to all the FAB places there! Give Prague a hug from me xxxx

marc said...

Monkey i am sure you will fall in love with all it has to give big love marc