Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Time To Say Goodbye ….

Picture 166
Yesterday afternoon I finished the last of my packing, I must have taken everything out of my case six or seven times, checking that I had everything. Packing, to be honest, is not my holiday preparational activity of choice.
Picture 168
Because I was leaving very early in the morning, I told Darrell to stay in bed and look after Nigel, but I wouldn’t have left without kissing them both goodbye ……
Picture 169
…… and to tell them that Aunty Jan would be popping in each day to see that they were alright and getting them their tea, and that they were to remember to say “Please” and “Thank You” at ALL the appropriate times ….. then all that was left for me to do was go and wait for my taxi …..
Picture 171
Full of anticipation for the adventures that await me on the ski slopes of the Czech Republic!
Picture 177
Arrive Derchez Mes Amigos et Bon Voyage Tout Le Mange.


Mr.D said...

The final sentence sounds like a Del Boy attempt at speaking foreign.
I have stopped studying Spanish for the moment and started with French.
Maybe one day I will understand that last sentence.
Darrel and Nigel look very cosy snuggled up in bed.

marc said...

M have a fab time love your suitcase and you look the bad boy part big love and show biz wave Marc & Hugh