Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Going Out With a (Posh) Bang – At The Cafe Imperial, Prague

Time for my last meal in the Czech Republic and what a meal…….
Cafe Imperial Prague
We went to the Cafe Imperial and it was the poshest restaurant I have ever, ever, ever been to!
Cafe Imperial Prague February 2011
It was so beautiful, it took my breath away, but I knew that I had to be on my best behaviour, and even though I was totally overwhelmed and emotional, I had to try and act as normal as possible, like I did this every day, so that I wouldn’t make a spectacle of myself.
Imperial Cafe staring at the ceiling
I couldn’t take my eyes off the ceiling, it was all tiled, goodness knows how they did it. It must have taken them ages as the tiles were very small…….  and the grouting ….. it must have been a nightmare!
Picture 262
My hands were shaking so much as I was handed the menu by a very (so I am told) handsome waiter.  I could hardly read it through misty eyes, but I managed …..  I decided it was now or never and went for something I would probably never ever order again in my life  … so I went for the veal.
Divine Cuisine 
Oh my life, it was almost too beautiful to eat ….. but then that would have been a waste.
Nom Nom Nom in Prague
So I nomed silently to myself for at least thirty minutes ….. as my food melted in my mouth. I didn’t waste one bit, and had I not been somewhere quite so posh, I would have licked my plate clean, but I will admit to using my bread to mop up every last smidgeon of gravy …… Granny G would have killed me if she had seen me.
Picture 270
Then, I needed to use the bathroom. Again, I was overwhelmed, they had marble surfaces, crystal knobs and posh gold duck taps, where the water poured out of their mouths …….  I washed my hands in the poshest a way I could. Oh my life, it was a truly BRILLIANT experience and what a way to end my Czech Experience, I embraced this last bit SO hard it bought tears to my eyes.
PS. I carefully rolled up my place mat to take home with me as a souvenir !

Noms?  Off the richter scale !!!!  Nomtastical !


Mr.D said...

Wow - very posh. How many noms did it get? I wonder if my two friends who live in Prague have been.

marc said...

Marc loves to go there to when he is in Prague ,he just new you would love it to ,you have had such a fun filled trip thankyou so much for sharing it with us , D&N will be pleased your comming home they have been very well behaved eating well and even taking extra baths so i have been told yours with a show biz wave and a air kiss Hugh

Sam said...

Now I am jealous!! Not been there myself! Noms out of 10?